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Tired of waiting for your audience to find you?


they can't pay you if they can't see you

we help you get sEEN 👀

Business owners honestly have it rough these days. It feels like you can’t gain any traction unless you’re posting all the time, showing up in all the places, and somehow being interesting enough to gain thousands of followers off of a single post.

And you ARE doing that. You’re quite literally marketing your little booty off, but that all-out-effort isn’t sustainable, especially if you want to grow.

Here at The Paid Ad Academy, we believe that YOU hold the keys to your own big break — and we’ll help you stick that sucker in the door and walk right in.

tired of throwing spaghetti at the wall to get new 👀 on your offers?

You system-ize everything else in your business...
why not your traffic generation?

Using Facebook Ads to pull in new traffic on auto-pilot

has been a business owner 'must' for years

but the hurdles to successful ads prevents most people from actually making it happen.

Hurdles like...

constantly changing algorithms,
expensive ad costs,

confusing platforms,
difficult to understand targeting options,
and more...

You could hire an agency (like us!) or...

you can learn how to get started on your own

(which we also think you're totally capable of doing!)

... either way you should still have a basic understanding of the platform


we're here to make it as painless as possible!

It’s also probably safe to say that:

  • You’ve seen success, but you’re at a bit of a crossroads

  • You don’t want to give up being IN IT, but you’re TIRED

  • Your marketing plan relies almost entirely on you

  • You think paid ads are intriguing, but kinda intimidating

  • You know email works, but it’s another thing to do

  • You want growth, but you don’t want to be slimy or pushy

Did I get you nodding on any of those?

You’re in exactly the right place.

What most businesses don't account for is:

reach doesn't equal revenue UNLESS...

you can figure out how to get through to your audience and stick with 'em.

that's why we use the...

Sticky Marking Method™

Picture this: you come across someone online who’s exactly what you’ve been looking for.

You’ve never heard of them before, but suddenly… they’re everywhere you go.

You open up Facebook and see a post from them.

You swipe over to Instagram and their ad pops up in your


You’re reading an article and their face is on your sidebar.

And on and on it goes.

Some may describe it as “creepy.” Some may attribute it to simple awareness of your reticular activating system.

But here at The Paid Ad Academy, we know the truth:

It’s having a CLEAR marketing direction.

It’s not wondering (or agonizing over) what to post each week.

It’s aligned efforts that produce the results you want and give you data to do it faster next time.

+ WE HAVE SEEN IT WORK... now we want to give that to you and your business, too!

but wait...there's more 😉